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Stephen Brown: Photos

Photo Album - Historical

Harold Gregory Cook, age 19, composer's grandfather, starting up a family tradition at the back of his home, 47 Bestwood   Colliery, Bestwood, Nottingham.
Parent's Wedding.
The thinker, second table on the left, trying to stave off the inevitable   with female opponent, saved only by the Hawaiian shirt.
Ninth Grade.
"I think my first daughter is in that carriage, next to the groceries I guess. Nice shoes."
On his 1942 Harley/45 with unidentified friend. "Boy that was a great bike,   if I had the money I'd buy another one just like it."
"Young and confused, I'm only 5'10"."
Back cover photo from the composer's first jazz record. Louisiana Joymakers,   Harbourfront Jazz Club, Toronto.  From left to right: Kid Bastien, Ron   Sullivan, Pete Savory, Rainer Hunck, composer, Bruce Bakewell, and Jack King.
On his 1969 Norton Commando.
Composer in his home with motorcycle. "Needless to say, that my wife at the time was not too pleased with the oil stains on the carpet. Nice licence plate."
Backstage pass button at the Blue Mountain Bluegrass Festival c.1978.
Composer and brother Gregory, getting ready to maraud the Gulf Islands.
Working the clubs.
Cover of composer's second jazz record. Grossman's Tavern, well known   Spadina Avenue (Toronto) watering hole and composer's Saturday home for twelve years.
Composer gainfully self-employed in the 80's.