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Stephen Brown: Home

Stephen Brown is a Canadian classical composer. Included in his works are 6 symphonies, concertos for piano, flute, violin and a two cello concerto, several orchestral works, song cycles, and many chamber and solo works including six suites for solo cello. Stephen is an associate of the Canadian Music Centre, the Music Director of the Sidney Classical Orchestra, Sidney, BC, and the leader and piano player of Stephen Brown and the Bastion Band.

Sort of NEW: Lady in the East CD - solo cello suites 1 - 3, Hannah Addario-Berry - cello (see below and photos page. For the complete Gramophone review and interview with Hannah please see the reviews page) "deeply satisfying beauty at ever turn... Whether it's folk or rock, it is the integrity and strength of the materials Brown draws on, such as the Newfoundland outport song 'Who is at my window weeping', which sets the musical tone and its simple focus on humanity. The recording at St. Stephen's Anglican Church, the oldest in British Columbia, has an honest, intimate sound that makes you feel as if Addario-Berry were in the room speaking to you with her cello." Laurence Vittes, Gramophone "the third movement's (suite three) opening lament was achingly beautiful. The suite was enormously effective - I struggle to find the words to express how charmed I was by this music." Martin Monkman, Music in Victoria

Watch Hannah Addario-Berry perform Fire, Movement II at the recording sessions. Hannah on Fire

All of the works below can be viewed on my YouTube Channel

NEW: In a Tangled Garden, piano sonata, 3 movements, 23 minutes.

NEW: Skirmishes, solo flute, 8 pieces, 22 minutes.

NEW: The Whitening Sky, Flute & Organ, 4 meditations, 14 minutes.

NEW: 13 Postcards, Symphony No. 6, in 1 movements (13 sections) for large orchestra, 22 minutes.

NEW: Rufous-sided Towhee, Flute Concerto, 3 movements, 32 minutes.

NEW: Prevost Island Potpourri, violin & piano, 13 pieces, 24 minutes.

NEW: A Polish Visit, solo flute, 3 pieces, 5 minutes.

NEW: Islands in the Stream, Symphony No. 5, 3 movements for five singers and orchestra (an opera), 65 minutes.

NEW: Under the Cover of Darkness . . . , Symphony No. 4, 3 movements for large orchestra, 35 minutes.

NEW: Combustion, Symphony No. 3, 3 movements for large orchestra, 30 minutes.

NEW: Fear and Laothing, Symphony No. 2, 4 movements for Bass-baritone and Orchestra, 26 minutes. Text: Huster S. Thompson from the novel Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas - a scorching epochal sensation.

NEW: Brief is the Breath, medium/low voice and piano - 5 songs - 12 minutes.

NEW: Sock, Socks, medium/low voice and piano - 4 songs - 4 minutes. Also comes in a duet version for two medium/low voices and a children's choir version.

NEW: The Northern Journey, Symphony No. 1, 4 movements, 38 minutes. This is an extensive rewrite of the symphony that I wrote 25 years ago. Lots of new sections and material, a judicious handling of the scissors reducing the length by 14 minutes and one movement. Now it works, a compelling 38-minute large orchestral work.

NEW: The Adventures of Sally and Her Motorcycle, speaker and chamber orchestra - 35 minutes. Sally is an 11 year old girl who sets off on a road trip on her motorcycle and sidecar with her 8 year old brother Tómas, and Tómas’ dog, Dog Billy. They are searching for a Giant Thing to build beside the road of their small town in British Columbia that will bring happiness and prosperity.

Swan House Victoria ~ This is the home of Swan House Victoria. It publishes most of Stephen Brown's works. Please visit the compositions page for pricing and ordering information.

Teaching ~ Stephen is accepting students in Rudiments, Harmony, Counterpoint, Analysis, and Composition at his home studio in Victoria.

Online Theory Lessons ~ Information is located at the bottom of the biography page


NEW: Lady in the East CD $15.00 + $3.00 shipping = $18.00

Seconda Pratica CD $15.00 + $3.00 shipping = $18.00

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Hannah Addario-Berry: Stephen Brown: Lady in the East

Lady in the East, solo cello suites 1 - 3.

Stephen Brown: Seconda Pratica

Seconda Pratica, a 17 movement work for solo piano.



Stephen Brown: Eulogy for Meghan Reid

Eulogy for Meghan Reid

Stephen Brown: Maxwell, Larry Douglas

MAXWELL, Larry Douglas, an elegy for soprano and string orchestra.

Stephen Brown: Takkakaw Falls, Mvt I. Air

Takkakaw Falls, a suite for solo cello.

Last update: June 13, 2023