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Stephen Brown: Compositions

Fire - Second Suite for Solo Cello

(2005, revised 2007 & 2012)
A solo cello work in five movements, Prelude, Allegro con fuco, Recitative and Aria, Allegro con brio, Adagio - Allegro molto.

"I was so pleased with Hannah Addario-Berry's performance Takkakaw Falls, my first suite for solo cello, I promised her I would write her a second suite. Fire, the Second Suite for Solo Cello was completed in 2005. It is a different beast from suite number one. Its character is influenced by the Classic Rock of Hendrix, Procol Harum, Rolling Stones, Cream, and the Eagles. It is considerably longer, more virtuosic and exudes the aggressiveness of classic rock."

Duration: 25 minutes

Premiere performance
Sunday, March 18, 2012
Cello Bazaar, Bazaar Café, San Francisco, California
Hannah Addario-Berry - cello

Audio Mvt. 2
Fire Mvt. 2

Audio Mvt. 3
Fire Mvt. 3

Score Movement 2 - Allegro con fuco
Page 1
Page 2
Page 3
Page 4

Score Movement 3 - Recitative and Aria
Page 1
Page 2

Swan House SJB 1316
24 pages, $18.00