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Stephen Brown: Compositions

Four Romances and a Lunch

Four Romances and a Lunch is a work in five movements, Romance 1, Romance 2, Romance 3, Romance 4, Lunch, for solo violin. The movements are brief using a variety of violin techniques. Premiere performance by Dr. Walter Mony, Gibson Auditorium, Victoria, BC, July 24, 2005

"In 2004 and 2005 I wrote, for the Royal Conservatory of Toronto, two solo violin pieces in 12 - note style for their analysis examinations. I liked these pieces and thought they could be expanded into a set. Also, I thought they would express more of what I wished if they were a tad more tonal. I adjusted the rows to allow for more flexibility and tonality. I considered some notes to be stable, such as I and V, and other notes to be 'choice tones' (notes that would have three possible selections) such as flat II, flat V, and flat VI. For cohesion I used the same adjustable tone row set in Movements 1 and 5 and another set in movements 2 and 4. Not being a violinist I consulted Dr. Walter Mony, the Department Head of Strings at the Victoria Conservatory, for technical advice. Walter was very supportive and generous with his time."

Duration 7:00

Swan House Victoria SJB 1305
12 pages, $12.00