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Stephen Brown: Compositions

Takakkaw Falls - First Suite for Solo Cello

(2003, 2004)
cello, flute, violin, or viola solo
A four movement suite (Air, Strathspey & Reel, Slow Waltz, and Jig) for solo flute. Commissioned by Janet Bazett and dedicated to the memory of her brother, Martin Yonge. Premiere of the Air and Strathspey by Janet Bazett at a memorial service for Martin Yonge, Takakkaw Falls, B.C., July. 26, 2003

"Takakkaw Falls was originally commissioned in 2003 as a five minute piece for solo flute to be played at a memorial service at the falls in the Canadian Rockies. Janet Bazett, who commissioned the work in memory of her brother, wish it to have a East Coast/Celtic sound and also to evoke the Rockies. Hmmm. I did some fiddle music research and became very excited about the project, writing in the end, a four (five) movement, 17 minute work using the style of traditional fiddle dances for the movements. Also, Canadian folk songs and fiddle music weave their way through the work making appearances in the Air, Strathspey, and Slow Waltz. The theme used in the Air is a Newfoundland Outport song Who is at My Window Weeping. It was collected in Stock Cove in 1952 by Kenneth Peacock and sung by Mrs. Lucy Heaney. That Christmas, 2003, cellist Hannah Addario-Berry, was home (Victoria, BC) for the holidays (she also was principal cello for the Messiah concerts I conducted) and took an interest in the work. We noodled around, she suggested some key changes and we discussed ranges and possibilities. She convinced me to arrange it for solo cello and preformed the premiere in Victoria, BC in May, 2004."

2004 - An adaptation for solo cello for Hannah Adario-Berry of the suite below. Premiere performance Hannah Addario-Berry, May 20, 2004, Gibson Auditorium, Camosun College, Victoria, British Columbia.

2004 - For solo violin or viola. Premier viola performance Christine Prince, Nov. 12, 2004, Victoria Conservatory of Music, Victoria, British Columbia. Premiere violin performance by Dr. Walter Mony, Gibson Auditorium, Victoria, BC, July 24, 2005

Duration 17:30

Takakkaw Falls Mvt.1

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