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Stephen Brown: Compositions

I See the Moon

I See the Moon is Movement No. 2 from Where the Geese Go Barefoot. It exists in arrangements for flute, or clarinet, or violin with a piano or guitar accompaniment. This special arrangement was done by Viveza for their latest CD "In Concert".

"While most albums entitled "In Concert" imply live recordings with audience reactions included, this is actually an idealized concert program recorded in the studio by Viveza. And it isn't a compilation made from earlier recordings, although the selections -- most of which are on Viveza's other albums -- seem to suggest that. These are all newly recorded and some are newly arranged. The grouping of Villa-Lobos pieces and the suite from Weill's Threepenny Opera are expanded versions of what Viveza used before. There's also a new waltz by Vancouver composer Stephen Brown, I See the Moon, which fits perfectly with the well-laid-out mixture of nostalgic salon favorites, tangos, and popular classic melodies both old and new. It's not all light music, either, and it's not all played lightly. The songs by Debussy, Poulenc, and Villa-Lobos are given thoughtful and gentle respect, not sentimentality; the darkness and cynicism of the Weill is tempered, but tangible. The infectious energy and vivacity of a live performance might be welcome for bouncier items, such as the Jeeves and Wooster theme, but Viveza's always polished playing still brings out the toe-tapping best of the music. The sound is very close, clear, and warm, adding to the sense of intimacy in this private concert. It gives listeners a taste of what they might hear at a live Viveza concert, but with all the comforts of being able to savor and enjoy it whenever and wherever they'd like."

Patsy Morita,

"I See the Moon is absolutely gorgeous" Dr. Mary Byrne

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Swan House Victoria SJB 1326A

I See the Moon

I see the moon,
And the moon sees me,
And the moon sees somebody
I want to see.

God bless the moon,
And God bless me,
And God bless the somebody
I want to see.

Mother Goose