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Stephen Brown: Compositions

Eulogy for Meghan Reid

Piano Quintet No. 1 - also available in a string orchestra and piano version
Piano Quintet No. 1, Four movements.

"This is the second commission that I have received from Ian and Eleanor Reid. The first was my 17 movement work for piano, Seconda Pratica, which was commissioned by Ian to celebrate the Reid's 50th wedding anniversary.

The Eulogy for Meghan Reid, as the title states, is a eulogy. In this case it is an extended eulogy, for their granddaughter, Meghan Reid, who lost her life in a car accident at the age of 19.

Ian and I met to discuss the content of the work before I began to compose. We discussed Meghan's life and influences. I read through the eulogy Eleanor delivered at the funeral and other associated material. Ian also brought to my attention certain poems of Thomas Hardy that spoke to his heart.

The Eulogy for Meghan Reid is divided into three sections within four movements.

Movement One, Adagio e mortale, is a four voice fugue. Movement Two, Allegro con brio -Lento, switches between unsettled fast sections and lyrical slow sections over a ground bass. Both movements are in D minor and are to be played without a break. They express the initial sadness, loss, and the inability to comprehend the tragic event.

Movement Three, Andante cantabile - Allegetto leggerio - Andante cantabile, is the Eulogy. This movement is in ternary form, A-B-A¹. The A sections are a lyrical song. The melody is sung by the cello with piano accompaniment. The B section, in the violins and the viola, is the lightness of the spirit.

Movement Four, Adagio ma non troppo, is a five voice double fugue. It is the coming to grips, however much one can, with the situation. This Movement begins similar to Movement One, but in a more positive character in D, the tonic major. It then wrestles with itself throughout the centre sections in the keys of F sharp minor, E minor, A minor, and D minor, finally subsiding into a gentle, quiet coda in D major."

Duration 25:00

audio and score
Eulogy for Meghan Reid

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Swan House Victoria SJB 1356
Score and parts: $30.00