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Stephen Brown: Compositions

Giant Things


Big lobster Shediac, New Brunswick. "REAL BIG, note the size of the plaque stand on the left."

Happy Rock basking in an expansive prairie sky. "Nope, it's not found on Gladstone Avenue in Toronto,"

Hand Saw, Hearst, Ontario. "If a normal size adult male stood under the saw, the teeth would bite into the top of his head."

Steel Buffalo and composer's car, south of Cochrane on Highway 11, Ontario.

World's largest tomahawk, Cut Knife, Saskatchewan.

Mutant Hitchhiker, Vermilion Bay, Ontario. "Supposedly workers inside can push a button and the mutant's eyes light up and it emits a primeval roar. I have never been fortunate enough to experience this."

The phoenix of Wawa Goose I, Wawa, Ontario. "Well... actually it was consumed by water."

Camel Sara, in the rain. "Location to follow, I can't find it, more bumbling on my part."

The BIG NICKEL, Sudbury, Ontario. "It has been moved from this location and doesn't look so big anymore."

Mosquito, victim, and composer's car in Upsula, Northern Ontario.

Detail of mosquito and victim. "If you lived in this neighbourhood you would understand."

The Husky Muskie, Kenora, Ontario.

The world's largest Pysanka (Easter Egg) in Vegreville, Alberta was built to celebrate the 100th Anniversary of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police in Alberta.

The composer deep in giantology field research in Beardmore, Northern Ontario (1986). "Once it functioned as a chip and ice cream stand. The last time I past through town it had been painted and was sporting a scarf and sunglasses."

A commission from Piano Summer School at the VCM. Nine pieces for piano solo. Igloo Church, Red River Cart, Voyageurs, Sleepy Teepee Motel, Snowman, Killer Ant, Mechanical Man, Insect House, Ukrainian Easter Egg. Difficulty: junior - senior.

"Many pleasant summers were spent traveling the Canadian countryside in search of gigantic and often humorous structures. Giant Things was inspired by these oversized monuments erected by the people of towns and cities across Canada."

Duration: 11 minutes.

Ukrainian Easter Egg is a Royal Conservatory of Music of Toronto, Grade 8, List D selection.

The Egg with Images

The Egg with Score

Fingering can be tricky in this piece. Not all the notes in the treble clef are for the right hand and not all the notes in the bass clef are for the left hand. Alen Reiser has annotated this score with colours to facilitate an easier performance.

View Ukrainian Easter Egg: please note, in bar 30, beat 1, 3rd 16th note, the B should be a C#.
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Swan House Victoria SJB 1314
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