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Stephen Brown: Compositions

Eulogy for Meghan Reid

viola & piano, or cello & piano
The Eulogy for Meghan Reid for Viola and Piano, or Cello and Piano, is an arrangement of Movement III of the Eulogy for Megan Reid for Piano Quintet. Due of the nature of the movement it works as a stand alone composition.

Movement Three, Andante cantabile - Allegetto leggerio - Andante cantabile, is the Eulogy. This movement is in ternary form, A-B-A¹. The A sections are a lyrical song - the eulogy. The melody is sung by the cello with piano accompaniment. The B section, for solo piano, is the lightness of the spirit.

Duration 5:00

Eulogy for Meghan Reid, Mvt. 3 begins at 10:40
Eulogy for Meghan Reid

Swan House Victoria: Cello & Piano SJB 1356C, Viola & Piano SJB 1356D
Score and parts: $8.00